Xilfeal Fey
Xilfeal s nimbus by divenir-d3lae3i (1)
Vital statistics
Race Human/Elf
Gender Hermaphrodite
Occupation Musician/Noble
Other Aspects N/A
Fitness ***
Resilience **
Grace ******
Awareness *
Intellect *****




Elvish Agility: Elves are highly dexterous creatures with naturally fluid motion. As such, they use their grace for running and jumping, rather than pure fitness. (Grace)

Fey Magic: Like any form of fey, elves possess the ability to generate magic on their own. This allows them to use innate magic spells up to their total grace while during strife. (Grace)

Magical Sight: A highly unusual ability, shared only with fairies, elves can actually see the magical auras of active spells and magical items. (Awareness)

Speak Absyl (Avalonian): A language spoken primarily by humans and merfolk. Specifically the Avalonian dialect. (Intellect)

Speak Elise: The language of the elves. A very logical but detail oriented language. (Intellect)

Speak Sylvan (Merfolk): A fairly laid back language used by all nymphkind. Not always easy to understand other dialects. (Intellect)

Endure: A human’s greatest strength is their untapped potential. Because of this, not even they know just how much they can take. It isn’t at all uncommon to find a human clining to life after a terrible accident or lost battle. (Resilience)

Musical Talent (Sing): A musician can take one or more performance abilities, such as the ability to sing or play an instrument. (Grace)

Musical Talent (String): A musician can take one or more performance abilities, such as the ability to sing or play an instrument. (Grace)

Musical knowledge: A musician tends to know the basics of the field, such as how to read music, but also knows many of the popular styles, songs and stories regarding music. (Intellect)

Notability: Nobles are simply well known. A roll can be made to determine if someone recognizes their name. (Grace)

Aristocratic Insight: Nobles are well versed in how to act in certain situations as well as information on the various noble courts. This automatically counts as a specialization for anything about the noble’s own court. (Intellect)

Uncanny Weapon (Stringed instrument): The character is capable of using any viable stringed instrument as a weapon. (Fitness)

Song of Vigor: A spell which uses uplifting music to help the wounded to push past their injuries, the ill to be comforted, and the able bodied to feel invigorated. (Grace)

Air Conservation: Due to musical training, this character is able to hold their breath for an extended period of time. (Resilience)


Lightweight:This character has poor resistance to alcohol, and loses one roll against intoxication.

Allergies: This character has poor resistance to pollen and dust, losing one roll against the effects of allergens of that type.