This is something fairly new to the world of Avakael, and yet developing fairly quickly in some areas. Since the world’s creation, the people of Avakael made due with only basic tools, just doing what they needed to survive. However, when the meteor hit, there were suddenly more requirements to survive, what with floods, famine, and panic. Those that could, adapted, evolved, and created better tools to survive.

However, it wasn’t until the colonization of Miir that more advanced technologies, such as guns, and machinery began to appear. While technology is still pretty rare, and rough around the edges, places like Engetsu, Cethlynn and Avalon have begun using riffles and electricity in their major cities. Starfell was once known for having electricity in every house, and developing technologies that rivaled even the greatest forms of magic. Even today, the former occupants of Starfell are sought out for their knowledge on the subject.