Orc the keeper by d8p-d49l4t2
During the devastation of “the impact”, the northern part of Xeth was quickly flooded. Ogres, which were not accustomed or designed for swimming, were forced to adapt to the freezing waters of Xeth. Those that survived the flooded landscape were what became orcs. With their newfound sealegs, the orcs would leave their flooded homelands to sail the known world. They would quickly become famous for being skilled sailors. However, most races tend to avoid sailing orcs due to their fearsome lineage and how adept they are as pirates. When the continent of Miir first showed signs of restoration, the orcs were the first to colonize it, desiring a homeland to call their own. While the move to land reduced orc piracy ten fold, the stigma orcs had with other races still remained.

Orcs are tall, muscular creatures, with adults standing around 8-9 feet on average. They have very pale, subdued skin tones of greys and greens, mostly hidden behind tufts of hair. Other distinguishing features are a snout-like nose, red eyes, and a pair of tusks. Most orcs are highly aggressive and emotional, but not malicious by nature. To put it simply, they are very in touch with how they feel and very honest about it. This leads many of them to act on impulse.


Orkin Swimming: Having evolved for this exact purpose, orcs are great swimmers, capable of swimming not only quickly, but for long periods of time. (Fitness)

Air conservation: Going with their natural talent for swimming, orcs are able to endure long periods of time without air. They also show immunity to the bends. (Resilience)

Cold Resistance: Orcs were born as a race in near arctic conditions, as such, they show greater resilience to low temperatures and cold weather that most creatures would. They also show immunity to the common cold. (Resilioence)