Avakael is very vast world with numerous countries, so its a bit hard to list all of them. That is why this page is dedicated to listing various locations which bear some significance to the story so far. To start, there are three known continents: Miir, Loggana, and Xeth. Note that I said “known”, it brings me to an important point.

The Titanic Ocean

One half of the planet is filled with visible land, and many kinds of life; the other half is entirely flooded and remains the rampaging grounds for the titans. There is a divine barrier in place so that the titans never take their battle to the other side, and that their damage won’t affect the other side either, but it can be crossed by anyone who lacks a heart of rage. Naturally, no one has actually survived the trip long enough to make a map. Many refer to this place as the “Err of the Gods”, or the “Titan Sea”. It is said that a human with high awareness might be able to navigate it without a map, but the presence of titans makes the trip suicide anyway.


A continent residing in the the north west. It is where the meteor struck Avakael and is where both the orcs and humans built their homelands. It is said that the titan, Pyroneus, and the mermaid, Valta actually met along the shores of Miir. One of the defining characteristics of the continent is an ongoing tensions between two major forces.


One of the major forces within Miir. The kingdom of Avalon is considered by many to be the hub of humanity. It’s birthplace, it’s stronghold, and it’s very heart. While it is a fairly sizable nation to be sure, it barely takes up more than Miir’s south eastern peninsula. While the majority of the nation is very kind and inclusive, the capital is full of many cold and ambitious people who see most other races as a threat, particularly the orcs, who take up the northern half of Miir.


The other major force in Miir is the alliance of Cethlynn. Cethlynn is composed of countless colonies, villages, and city states which have formed a mostly unspoken agreement to assist each other when it comes to things such as war, famine, plague, or natural disaster. Aside from that, they tend to vary on how they get along with other territories within the alliance. Some get along very well and establish trading, others see each other as bitter rivals. Many actually get along with human settlements as well.


A once thriving principality independent of Avalon. It was the leading nation in the production of advanced technologies. It was also known for it’s strong stance on pacifism and actually lead Avalon and Cethlynn into their current truce. It stood within the crater where the meteor struck Avakael, long ago. The people of Starfell often claimed that their princess was really an immortal who came from the stars to bring peace and prosperity to all of Avakael.However, nearly two decades ago, it simply burned to the ground. It’s people were forced to abandon their home for other nations and the princess was never seen again.


The smallest stronghold of the five elven courts within Miir, and the ancestral home of the Fey family. In truth it is really just a village in the western mountains with a modest castle. it is far more widely known as a hotspot for musicians to hone their skills.


A long continent running down the east. Home to some of the oldest existing cultures in Avakeal. While Miir is very focused on progress in magic and technology, Loggana is very rooted in tradition. The nations here lack the tension that Miir has, mainly due to swift and harsh penalties for acts of aggression. It is here that the elven race calls its home. As do several of the oldest races in Avakeal.


A ferrel and hazardous land sitting on the very southernmost part of the world. Naturally, part of it crosses into the territory of the titans. Xeth is in a near constant state of anarchy, with what few established nations often switching up, moving around, or conquering other lands. It is home to some of the most dangerous and volatile creatures on the planet. It is both the birthplace and homeland of dragonkind.


In the southwest there are no major continents, just some islands scattered around. It is pretty hard for a nation to actually form and establish themselves there, but one of the few that did it is Engetsu, the crescent archipelago. They built their nation’s foundation on it’s fast ships and unrivaled mastery of the sword. because of this, they were able to easily travel between islands and best any sort of creature or even military force that opposed them. Recently they have been collecting and studying various technologies, as well as constructing their own.