One of the very few aquatic creatures with intelligence. Their humanoid appearance tells of their origin well enough, that they are nymphkind that have adapted to thrive underwater. Like many nymph creatures, or perhaps most of all, they are considered alluring by most other races, and are highly sought after. Unfortunately, merfolk aren’t very social. It is rare to see one at all, but to see two or more together is considered an omen of some kind.

Merfolk are very distinctive creatures, with their upper halves being humanoid, and their lower halves being fish-like tails. They are very well adapted for sea life with webbed hands, finned ears, gilled sides, and bright fish-like eyes. Additionally they lean towards aquatic skin tones and pastel hair colors. An unusual trait for for nymphkind that they have is the lack of a nose.


Pressure Resistance: Most merfolk live in the deeper parts of the sea where pressure would normally kill most land creatures. As such they adapt to preasure easily and show great resilience to pressure or crushing damage. (Resilience)

Water Breathing: Merfolk are natives of the sea. As such they are accustomed to being underwater. They can breath underwater just as easily as air. (Resilience)

Fish’s Swimming: For merfolk, swimming is as easy as walking is for land based creatures. As such, they only need to roll for it in difficult conditions. (Fitness)

Dark Vision: Merfolk are used to the depths of the ocean, where light is scarce, so they are able to see even in total darkness. (Awareness)


No Legs: Merfolk don’t possess legs, or the ability to walk on land. Any skill that relies on walking or legs is reduced by one roll.