All natives of Avakael possess a soul that is a product of Amorous herself. And thusly, within each one is something called an arcanum, a part of the spirit which allows one to wield magic. However, it does not necessarily produce magic on its own.There are four basic methods to acquire magic: innate magic, alchemy, the study of magic, or Magical infusion.

Innate magic is pretty much exactly what it implies. For whatever reason, some people just produce magic on their own, While this is generally one of the most limited of the methods, a user can direct innate magic more freely than any other as it is a part of themselves. Normally only feykind and dragonkind have innate magic. The only exception to this is a witch, someone born with magical power for some reason or another.

Alchemy is surprisingly straightforward. Some plants or minerals or such things possess magical properties. These properties are always fairly specific in what they do and how they can be used. But someone who knows about alchemy is capable of combining various materials to create something far more potent and useful.

The study of magic involves drawing magic from one’s surroundings and directing it with something, usually a magic circle or incantation. Because this method draws magic from the world itself, one is only limited by how much magic is in the area and how much they can control. Most people that use this method create wands or staffs which are capable of storing the magic they need.

Magical infusion is when someone receives magic from someone else. Due to the very complicated nature of magical infusion, it is usually between two willing participants in very close proximity to one another. It generally involves a pact of some sort. This form of magic is hard to place in terms of how much magic can be acquired or how easy it is to control. This all depends on the source of the magic and how in sync the participants are. Among the four methods, this one is used the least. It is primarily used by shamans or priests who make pacts with spirits.