One of the newest races in existence. While most of the new races came to be during the devastation of the meteor’s impact, humans appeared much later. When the orcs were just beginning their occupation of Miir, the titan Pyroneus had grown weary of the constant struggle for dominance in the land of the titans and thus was able to pass through the barrier separating the two halves of the world. To his surprise, he found that there were other lands. And creatures other than titans. However, no matter where he went, his presence seemed to be met with fear and bloodshed. It was only on the secluded shores of Miir that he could find peace. And it was there that he met the curious mermaid, Valta. Every day, the two of them would meet their and exchange the tales of their worlds, finding out more about each other in the process. The more they found out about each other, the closer they grew. Soon they were in love and wished more than anything that they could stay together rather than meet on the beach every day. The wish within their hearts reached Amorous, the goddess of love, and she granted it, making the two of a single race. One with the size and appearance of nymphkind but the raw potential of the titans. “Humankind” was born that day.

Humans are creatures of excess, they tend to seek out more than what they have. More wealth, more social standing, more honor, more glory. This drive pushes them to achieve great things, but it can also push them into despair, or hedonism. This part of their nature can put them at odds with their surroundings. The most prominent human societies tend to have a history of war and conquest.Engetsu is famous for how it systematically crushed every other nation in the crescent archipelago. While Avalon is only now in a truce with Cethlynn after a nearly 2,000 year war. Because of this, most creatures that aren’t used to being around humans tend to be a bit weary of them.


Humans tend to be very diverse, and skilled at what they do. However, they tend to lean towards practices of the mind, rather than the body. As such, humans get two intellect skills.

Endure: A human’s greatest strength is their untapped potential. Because of this, not even they know just how much they can take. It isn’t at all uncommon to find a human clining to life after a terrible accident or lost battle. (Resilience)