The Goblin s Locket by OchreJelly

A bizarre mixture of feykind and ogrekind. They are short, scrawny, green creatures often with strange or exaggerated features such as a large nose or ears, random patches of hair, or unusual eyes. As ogrekind, they are surprisingly athletic for their size, mainly used in darting around to evade enemies. And as feykind the possess a natural talent for magic. Most goblins use illusionary magic, but some have been known to lob fireballs or use forms of hypnosis or mental suggestion.

Goblins are highly manic and active creatures. Often seen as tricksters or thieves by other races. This is because they are very disorganized as a race, always leaning towards anarchy rather than creating cities or kingdoms like most intelligent creatures. Because of this, goblins are often found wandering about the wilderness, or tagging along with travelers of other races. In spite of their bad reputation, goblins are taken along on travels and the occasional social gathering because their natural trickery is considered useful and their upbeat attitude keeps things lively. It is said that a good party needs at least three goblins, because it is what they know how to do best.


Goblin Magic: Goblins possess innate magic, like any fey. However, this is mainly for illusions. (Grace)

Escape Expertise: Goblins are particularly good at escaping bad situations and running away. (Fitness)

Bite: A goblin’s last resort is it’s own teeth. They are built like jagged, rusty spikes. (Fitness)