One of the many races to pop up as a result of the great disaster. However, they are said to be the most successful of the “new races”. They have a strong presence all over Loggana, not with specific nations, but a series of fiefdoms positioned all over the continent. Additionally, they have begun slowly working their way into Miir over the last thousand years.

Elves are a highly social race that live for interaction. However, this is juxtaposed with an equally exclusive social ladder with varying levels of nobility and rules for interactions between them. While many elves try to get along with other races, they can easily smother would be friends with the day to day procedures of normal elven social conduct.

Despite this, many creatures are drawn to elves by their beauty. They are tall, yet petite humanoids that tend to have smooth and flawless complexion with a healthy glow. They tend to have very very bright and colorful eye and hair colors (usually colors that would be unnatural for humans but not always). However their most defining and noticeable characteristic is their long, finely pointed ears. It is said that elven characteristics are similar to that of true nymphs, but they are classified as fey due to their highly potent innate magic. Some scholars suggest that elves originated as a cross between nymphs and fey, but so far, no solid proof has been discovered of any relation to nymphs.


Elvish Agility: Elves are highly dexterous creatures with naturally fluid motion. As such, they use their grace for running and jumping, rather than pure fitness. (Grace)

Fey Magic: Like any form of fey, elves possess the ability to generate magic on their own. This allows them to use innate magic spells up to their total grace while during strife. (Grace)

Magical Sight: A highly unusual ability, shared only with fairies, elves can actually see the magical auras of active spells and magical items. (Awareness)