It is said that there was once a king of all dragons. That when the titan, Pyroneus, appeared, the dragons waged war against him, with their king leading the charge. However, the dragons, with all of their might were never a match for the titan. When Pyroneus became human, he was no-longer unbeatable, so the king waged a final attack with some of his best dragons at his back. Despite this, Pyroneus never gave up, mustering a courage that the dragons had never seen before. It was then revealed that the reason for Pyroneus’ strength of will against unimaginable odds was to protect a single child. he told the dragon king of his wish to see his child grow, to watch a new race form and thrive in Avakael like none had before. For reasons unknown even know, the king of dragons landed before Pyroneus and bowed. As did all of the dragons with him. Those dragons that bowed, lost their wings, shrinking down to his size. They became the first drakes.

Drakes are unlike any other of dragonkind. They are far weaker than most other dragons, but they possess ambition. Because they don’t have wings like dragons usually do, drakes are pretty quick on their feet. And like most of dragonkind, they possess innate elemental magic of their choosing, as well as a resistance to that element. However, drakes possess a weakness for humans. Most will do whatever a human asks of them with little resistance. Because of this, humans will occasionally use them as mounts.

Drakes prefer the wilderness to the hustle and bustle of towns and cities, and will often travel alone. However, it isn’t unusual to see them traveling in packs. They are often drawn to humans if they see them, but drakes aren’t usually talkative creatures. Some see their stoicism as idiocy, but drakes are actually just as smart as any other intelligent creature out there.


Dragonic Agility: Drakes are agile creatures. They are very fast and maneuverable creatures. (Fitness)

Dash (Specialty): Even with agility, drakes specialize in running. (Fitness) (Dragonic Agility)

Elemental Magic: Drakes possess an innate magic that is limited to a particular “element”. While most use this as a simple breath weapon, others are able to fully command the element with ease. (Grace)

Elemental Resistance: Just as a drake has command of a set element, they have resistance against it as well. (Resilience)


Human Compulsion: Drakes have a difficult time refusing the requests of humans. To them a human’s request requires a resilience roll of 6+ to refuse.