Welcome to The Avakael ProjectEdit

It is a world of endless excitement, boundless adventure, and everything your imagination has to offer. Perhaps you need an explanation. You see, Avakael is a high fantasy story and role-play setting I’ve developed for my own ends. However, anyone is free to use it for their own adventures and their own stories. I suppose you’ve earned that much, just by stumbling across this place. This is mainly for me to develop my own canon and stories, but I don’t mind if anyone posts their own role-play logs, stories, or what have you.

About the SettingEdit

Avakael is a world of magic and ancient secrets. However it is on the verge of a new age, with technology quickly wedging in a place for itself in numerous societies. Humans seem to be leading the charge into this new era as the ancient races fade into obscurity. With the principality of Starfell, a distant memory, tensions rise between the forces of Avalon and Cethlynn, now without a mediator to keep the sides from opening up old wounds and starting a war. These are the tales of those who live their lives on the precipice of this new age, and those who determine what it will bring.

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