A fairly uncommon form of nymphkind that is usually found deep in caves or forests, far beyond where many would follow. Because of this, most intelligent creatures don’t know much about them. However, those that frequent the wild, such as goblins, drakes and even other nymphkind are weary of them; telling tales of travelers who were caught in arachne’s web, never to be heard from again. Arachne are highly predatory and territorial creatures. Anything that gets caught in their web is quickly paralyzed or cocooned and drained of its blood. Despite this nature, arachne occasionally get lonely, and will hold conversations with those lucky enough not to get caught in their web.

Being nymphkind, arachne are primarily humanoid creatures. Their most noticeable trait is a set of four large spider-like legs protruding from their backs. Another immediately noticeable trait are their eyes. Arachne have one pair of main eyes, which posses a more humanoid appearance, and three pairs of spider-like eyes. Additionally, they possess a spinneret at the base of their spine, capable of spinning web.


Web Spinning:Possessing a spinneret, arachne are able to produce web just as spiders do. (Grace)

Wall Climbing: Arachne are capable of sticking to and climbing up just about any solid surface. (Fitness)

Spider Sense: Arachne are highly sensitive creatures, not only with multiple eyes, but each hair on their body being an being a receptor for smells, tastes, and pressure within the air. Arachne have a sensory array like no other intelligent creature. (Awareness)

Venomous Bite: A bite from an arachne is capable of paralyzing a creature for a number of minutes equal to how much the venom beats their resilience roll. (Grace)

Venom Resistance: Arachne have a natural resistance to most poisons. (Resilience)