Long ago, Amorous came upon the universe as it was reaching its end. Being a goddess of love and compassion, she breathed new life into it and created a world of her own design.

Her first creations were the titans, large invincible creatures that possessed great strength, intellect, and magic. They were far too powerful and prideful. Each of them coveted the goddess and wished to prove themselves the most powerful. So they began an unending battle to decide who was the greatest among them. Their rampant destruction eventually flooded their homeland, creating the first sea.

Upon realizing her failure, the goddess created other goods to assist her. A god of craft, to rebuild the world, and make it more durable. A god of tragedy, so that all would know the horrors of what could happen. A god of war, so that if something like that were to happen again, that her creations would take sides, rather than mindlessly lash out at everyone. A goddess of regulation, so that all would follow rules and codes of some sort. And a goddess of fate, to insure that any such event would come to an end.

Once the new gods were called into being, Craft would make the world bigger, and more durable, while fate would see to it that the titans never left their sea. Amorous took a second go at making life. At first she began with just plants and animals, making sure that nothing was as powerful as the titans. Next she would go on to create what would be known as the ancient races: Feykind, graceful creatures, possessing a magic all their own; ogrekind, creatures of incredible strength and resilience; nymphkind, which possessed an innate awareness, and a strong affinity for nature; and dragonkind fearsome and mighty beings with a connection to the very elements that shape the world, but lacking the will to oppose the gods.

After the world had developed a bit and a few cultures emerged, a meteor strikes from the depths of space, wiping out nearly all life on one of the continents and setting back the rest of the world by thousands of years.

After the impact, something new made itself known: a thick, gelatinous liquid with reactive properties. A living organism, no less. Slimes. In centuries to come, other new creatures would come to light as well, such as elves, orcs, merfolk, drakes, and one TRULY puzzling creature.

It would come to pass that one of the titans actually tired of fighting and left his kind to venture into the world. Naturally it came as a shock to him that the rest of the world was inhabited by smaller, weaker creatures. Everywhere he went, he seemed to invite incident and destruction. Feykind feared him, ogrekind coveted his power, and dragonkind attacked him onsite. However, in his travels he discovered a mermaid, one who did not fear him. The two were drawn to each other, falling in love bit by bit as they met. Eventually the goddess Amorous granted the two a blessing, making the titan a manageable size, and giving the mermaid legs.

The union of the two lead to the creation of humankind, a race not simply of physical might, keen senses, or magical aptitude, but of intellect and potential. Seeing a potential that rivaled the titans, Fate made it so this potential could never be fully drawn out.

Eventually, after thousands of years, the “lost continent” was once again full of life. It was the descendants of nymphkind to get there first, restoring the forests, the rivers, and animals. They began calling this land “Miir” which in their language meant “life from death”. However, it was the orcs that first colonized it, taking the north as their lands. Humankind settled there next, taking the southern lands, forming the hub of their culture there as others of their kind spread throughout the globe to form smaller settlements. Eventually the elven nobles saw fit to send five noble families there as well, to lead any elves that wished to inhabit the land.